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Kid's Korner


democracy project PBS KIDS: The Democracy Project
  • What a difference one vote makes
  • Step into a voting time machine
  • Cast your vote
  • How YOU can be part of an election

Congress for Kids
Learn about the following:

Election Day
Election of the President
Political Parties
Primary Election
National Conventions
National Conventions - An Inside View
Candidates at the Convention
The Campaign
Polling Places
The Electoral College
The Electoral Map
The Inauguration
Online Sunshine

Florida Legislature

  • State symbols - state seal, flag, flower, tree, bird and even the state shell
  • Tour the state capitol
  • Fun Facts/history of Florida
  • How an idea becomes state law
  • Glossary
    • Did you know Amelia Earhart was last seen flying out of Miami?

Florida Division of Historical Resources

  • State Symbols
  • Florida History
  • Seminole History
  • The Capitol
  • Florida Governors
  • Florida Quick Facts


Ben's Guide

Ben Franklin's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

  • Age-appropriate information
  • Election process
  • Branches of government
  • National versus state government
  • Games and activities

 The Three Branches of Government

Explanation of the following branches of government:

  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Legislative Branch

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