How to Mark your Ballot

At the Polls:

  • Use the pen provided in the voting booth
  • Mark only one choice per race. (Unless indicated otherwise)
  • If you make a mistake, notify the precinct clerk for instructions

Vote-by-Mail Ballot:

  • Use blue or black pen. Do not use gel or felt tips pens.
  • If you make a mistake do not use white out. Call the elections office for instructions.                     (352) 498-1216
  • Mark only one choice per race. (Unless indicated otherwise)
How to Mark Your Ballot

The write-in candidate must be a QUALIFIED candidate. Write In



Spoiled Ballot:
When you make a mistake on your ballot, this is considered a Spoiled Ballot and you may ask for a replacement. You may receive up to two replacements for a total of three ballots.

 An Overvote is when you vote for more than the number of candidates allowed in a race. If a race is overvoted, the Optical Scan Tabulator will rerutn the ballot to the voter. The Voter must then return the spoiled ballot to the clerk and receive a new ballot.

An Undervote is when you do not vote in a particular race. that race will not be counted. The Optical Scan Tabulater will not return the ballot to the voter unless the entire ballot is blank.

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